Türkçe / English


On the days of June 2013, people from two different parts of the world went to the streets to shout out their dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction had been accumulating over the past years with rising violations of civil rights and freedoms and neoliberal discipline methods in all over the world.

On those days when the Gezi Park was occupied, people in Brazil who were also in the streets protesting the bus fare rise were sending their greetings to Gezi Park. This documentary follows the story of its “Gezi protestor” narrator whose past is connected with Brazil. Hearing the greetings of Brazilian people as they chante through the streets “Love is over! This is Turkey now!”, the narrator sets on a journey to Brazil to find some answers about these concurrent protests.

After introducing his personal story to the audience, he introduces the streets of Sao Paulo, occupied homes, and demonstrators of different age, gender and backgrounds. So the audience starts to travel between personal and social memory.

“Love is Over” is a documentary aiming to refresh our own memories of struggle by listening to the stories from another part of the world.